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I guess I'm gonna try to put down for what I'm aiming for the first time. I know many people simply use TG captions for purely the sake of arousal and perhaps there is a legitimate transgender community that I am unaware of within (I assume) the mostly male community who are aroused by the thought of becoming "hot" women by their own objective standards and feeling themselves up and laughing about their new bodies and the differences brought on by that change. 

I get it, people want to be hot, people want to be famous, people want to be loved, people want to be wanted, but what does that entail, what price do you have to pay and would you want to. My best caption I ever wrote was using a very attractive Denise Milani as a model for a neighbor character. Certainly I started off with a typical body swap opening, but I soon started making the character now residing in his neighbor's body aware of his neighbor's thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams. Not overriding him, but informing and enabling him to be empathetic of what she thought of being oogled and despising it, only being a model or in her mind being a piece of meat for her family. I ended the caption with the protagonist apologizing to his neighbor now in his body, truly sorry for the years he spent oogling her and now the neighbor could live her (now his life) free of oogling and able to not be held back by the negative aspects of being an attractive woman trying to get seriously. This was lost on several people who thought he was apologizing for the swap rather than apologizing for what I just stated to you, but maybe that's an issue with me as a writer trying to tackle actual ideas and issues using Windows Paint and various photos of attractive women trying to evoke some sort of emotion. 

Maybe I'm over complicating a simple medium, and obviously my deviantart captions I have posted recently have been anything but well thought out and deep journeys into the human psyche and what goes along with being someone else. The caption I previously described to you was my best caption and burnt me out, I quickly deleted my blogger and disappeared for a few months thinking I actually accomplished something, but yet here I am again. And I apologize if this seems like me stepping up on a soapbox looking down and sneering at you, but there has to be more to this. There has to be something deeper than "Omg I'm gonna squeeze (insert female celebrity's name here)'s tits and finger her wet pussy." I am certainly aware of sex and it's importance in life and in these captions, but once you do all these things, where do you go from there? Even if I burn myself out for the nteenth time maybe I'll get to that level where I am able to tackle those big ideas and I think that would be worth it. 

I guess if I want anyone who reads this to take away from this long winded post is this, push yourself. We are all here, we are spending our time together writing these things and reading things other people have written. Just don't waste the time of others and more importantly don't waste your own time. 


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